Killers of the Dawn (The Saga of Darren Shan #9) Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed #6)

Raising my voice I said, Who let the kitties and puppies down here?

I read the text several times as my stomach twisted and my heart felt heavy.Her father had hanged himself in his cell this morning. There were no details on how he’d managed to do that. Maggie acted as if he was already dead, but how would this affect her? I turned to look at her as she stood by her mother’s grave.

The Angel (The Original Sinners #2)

She had faced so much that I hated adding more to it. I wished I could keep this from her, but I knew she deserved to know. Seeing her hurt was hard.I called Dad. He said her dad left her a letter. Dad is going to get it and read it first. We don’t know if she should see it. She just started talking and living life again.Don’t tell her without me there, I told him.

The Ship of Brides

One day we would look back at this time, and the pain wouldn’t be so fresh. I wanted that day to get here.I’d fallen asleep at some point on the drive home. My head was tucked against West, and his arm was around me. I could feel his fingers gently playing in my hair. He made me feel warm and safe. I’d needed that after visiting my mother.

I hadn’t been prepared. Knowing her body was underground was one thing. Seeing the actual grave was another. West’s hand in mine had given me the strength I needed to face it. Once I had been sure I wasn’t about to fall to the ground in a sobbing mess, I’d let him go so I could talk to her.

I’d told her all about life with Uncle Boone, Aunt Coralee, and Brady. I’d started from the day I’d arrived, and I’d tried to tell her all the important things. Especially about West and his dad. When I’d finished, I’d realized West was right. Talking to her had made it feel as if she were close to me somehow.I hadn’t really liked New Orleans when I moved here. It was supposed to be a short-term job, then back to the mountains and my apartment in Asheville. And then I met Rick. And Leo offered me a more permanent job. And I found an excuse to stay for a while. I’d been stupid. Rick had player written all over him and I hadn’t bothered to notice. I had needed to solve the mystery involving the missing witch children, then kill off the vamps who had been taking and sacrificing them for the power in their blood. The continuing danger to the witches had been another reason to stick around. I’d needed to find a way to keep the local vamps in power when big bad fangbangers wanted to take over the city and its cattle, meaning humans and witches. Now there were the Youngers, my family by choice. And there was Bruiser. That man was a reason to stay here. I’d stayed. I’d cleaned up a lot of messes. If the Sangre Duello was the last mess I needed to clean up, I would have no reason to stick around. Except the Youngers and Bruiser. The Youngers were family. They had made it clear that they were in this for the long haul. Would my honeybunch want me to stay? We hadn’t talked about it. Hadn’t talked about what-ifs. Maybe things were too tenuous to plan ahead? To dream ahead? That left me feeling odd, empty. Maybe a little bit lost.

My Beast sent me images, one superimposed on the other, memories of snow piled two feet deep, pristine except for the prints of deer. Of tall waterfalls sliding between iced rocks. Of her lithe body leaping from an ice-crusted tree, thick tail rotating for balance and direction, landing on a buck racing down a steep ravine, sinking teeth in at his spine. Of dropping on one at a summertime watering hole, sinking teeth into its muscled throat, holding it until the prey passed out from lack of air. Of the spurt of hot blood and the taste of raw venison.There’s something to be said for warm weather, lots of rain, and dining on gator, I reminded her. But yeah. I miss the mountains too.

Dragons Oath (House of Night Novellas #1)

Hunt cow. Hunt cow in Edmund’s car, she sent back. It wasn’t going to happen. Edmund’s car was worth over three million dollars. Beast didn’t understand money or numbers greater than five and, like a cat, figured she could either wear me down or outsmart me into getting what she wanted.I was halfway to the Gumbo Shop when I felt it. My predator responses zinging. The presence of someone watching. I was used to casual observers. The MOC’s Enforcer got a lot of that from locals and tourists too. This was the interest of a hunter, my body in his sights. Or hers. A sniper had targeted me not so long ago and that experience had left some part of me hyperalert, always vigilant, in the back of my/our mind. Beast knew when we were being hunted.

Not speeding my steps, I jaywalked across the street and stopped in front of a window as if attracted by the silver jewelry on display. But mostly just watching my trail and the parked cars and the buildings across the way for anything or anyone suspicious. I saw nothing. Except the car with the teens in it, cruising back around the block. This time the windows were up, the hecklers inside, and the car was moving slowly, at a walking pace. My walking pace. Which begged the question, were they tailing me for purposes of their own or were they tailing me because someone paid them to watch for me and tail me?Beast sent me an image of her leaping to the hood of the car and swatting at them. I sent her one of them shooting her through the windshield. She snarled, frustrated. I wasn’t sure when Beast had developed this love of battle, but she was a lot more aggressive than before.

I tapped out a quick text to Bruiser. Where are you?He sent one back. Ten minutes out. Held up. Get a table. Be there soon.

Too far away. Across the street, in a second-story window, I saw movement. The window was up about six inches. Something small and round emerged into the sunlight. Gun barrel?I walked into the shop and quickly beyond the entrance. I pulled a twenty from the tiny pocket in my waistband. To the redheaded woman in the back of the shop, behind the counter, I said, A car is following me. Can I get out the back?

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