Hot Zone (Elite Force #2) Broken (Broken #1)

I huddled, waiting for an explosion. The atmosphere in the room sparked with ignition—ready to blow up at any second.

I couldn’t look her in the eye again. Suzette told me what happened yesterday. How Tess told her ex she was leaving without having the decency to tell me first.The moment Suzette told me Tess was going, I lost it. I f**king forgot I was human and ripped the kitchen apart. I hurled the ten thousand euro coffee maker through the pantry door, shredded packets of food, and tore the tap from the bench-top.

Naamahs Blessing (Moirins Trilogy #3)

Only when I’d expended my angst-riddled energy did Suzette move closer and do something I would never have allowed before.Her tiny arms wrapped around my waist, squeezing tight, reminding me I was human and not a monster after all.After everything I’d done—it wasn’t enough. Both the beast and man had lost.

Darkness Revealed (Guardians of Eternity #4)

My Tess was gone. What the f**k did they do to her? The passion and strength had disappeared. Looking into Tess’s eyes now left me with a shiver and loneliness. All I saw was nothing. Fucking nothing.She’d shutdown but I didn’t have the f**king luxury of doing the same. As much as I wanted the pain to go away—how tempting the thought of freeing myself from this agony, I couldn’t just leave.

People relied on me. Slaves. Staff. Countless employees.

I charged through the house, going out of my f**king mind at the thought of losing the woman I loved. A new rattle existed inside me—fresh, oozing wounds caused by Tess’s betrayal. The darkness I let consume me while hunting for Tess came back with a vengeance. Gone was the urge to tend to her, make her well again.I’ll talk to him today then. Call me later if you can and let me know how things go with Lia. Just remember that she’s been through a lot lately. Even if you want to order her to come back home with you immediately, you shouldn’t. If she needs time, then give it to her.

Frowning, I shake my head. I can’t do that, Fae. I can’t fuc—breathe without her.My aunt smiles at my attempt to cover my curse word. It’s not as if I don’t cuss around her, but I try to avoid the F-word. Holding a hand in the air, she asks, Then why are we still here? I’m waiting for you to grab a paper and start reading it next. For a man on a mission, you’re rather slow-moving.

The Ending I Want

As long as I’m here, I still have hope that she’s coming back home with me. Soon, all bets are off. I get to my feet, knowing I can no longer delay.My aunt tells me that she’s going to stay and return some emails for a bit. Good luck, Luc. Remember, just let Lia listen to you and then you do the same. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. When I nod slowly, she gives me an encouraging smile. Call me later. Surprising us both, I drop a kiss onto her cheek before leaving. If my aunt’s reaction to a simple act of affection is any indication, I’ve been failing both of the women I love. Would the one woman I love more than anyone else in the world forgive my failings?

So, are we talking castration here or just a bullet to the ass? Rose asks, looking deadly serious. I’m telling you, after being cheated on by pencil-dick Jake, I’m happy to take care of this for you.I flop down onto the sofa next to her and run a hand through my hair. The fact that I don’t even know where to start is somewhat scary considering the shit I’ve lived through. Will there ever be a time that my life will be uneventful and boring? Most people wouldn’t wish for that like I do. Not that life with Lucian Quinn could ever be humdrum, but I’d be more than happy to meet him at the door each evening with a standard, How was your day, dear? No, not us though. I had to go and discover an absentee parent. When Rose sticks me in the side with her finger, I finally say, I’m not ready to do him any bodily harm at this point, so hang tight.

For you to leave him, Lia¸ it must be something major. You two are crazy about each other.I rub absently at my chest, wondering if I’m too young to have pains there. I fear it’s actually just my heart hurting though. I’m reeling from my discovery today and I desperately need the man I love. Unfortunately, he discovered my father’s identify weeks ago and didn’t tell me. Because of him, I was completely blindsided earlier. I’m so angry and hurt that I alternate between wanting to scream and hit something to feeling the overwhelming urge to cry.

Never in a million years could I have imagined a meeting with my college advisor would inadvertently trigger the revelation of my biological father’s identity. My mother had guarded his identity like a national secret. I had long ago resolved myself to the fact that I would never know who he was. In truth, after living with an abusive mother and then an even worse stepfather, I’d come to hate all thoughts of my real father. What kind of man would leave his child to endure the cruelty and malevolence I had? Certainly not a man I’d ever want to meet. Now though, everything I believed had been blown to bits. My father is a rich and powerful man, if the appearance of his offices were any indication. He had seemed genuinely shaken and distressed when I’d blasted him about leaving me behind with my mother. He claimed to have never had any knowledge of my existence and a part of me believed him, knowing how evil my mother was. Still though, it was a bit surprising she would choose to live a lesser lifestyle just to get back at him for leaving her behind. Maybe she thought he wouldn’t care or support her, but I had to think that the man I met today, who surrounded himself with his brother and niece, would have taken care of his obligations. She had even named me after him, either from some bit of nostalgia or as a sick joke. Knowing her, I would almost bet on the latter.Turning on the sofa to face Rose, I say, I met my father today.

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