Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend #2) One Night of Sin (After Hours #1)

Jump or cut ties? he asks. What in the hell does that mean?

They’ve changed their tactics. He scraped his boots absently on the floor, getting as much zombie off them as he could. The zombies send out one or two zombies, usually older ones, as feelers. When they find something, they make that call, letting the others know they have fresh meat.They’re communicating with each other? I asked.

Slow Heat (Pacific Heat #2)

He nodded, his lips pressed together grimly. It appears that way.I ran back to the room and slipped on a pair of ill-fitting tennis shoes. I’d meant to raid the trailer for more supplies, but I didn’t want to waste time waiting for more zombies to show up. I wasn’t as strong as I should be. Just hitting that zombie with a pan had been hard. My shoulders ached, and my arms felt like jelly.I grabbed the messenger bag and followed Tatum out of the trailer. We were both warier, so we moved quickly and quietly through the compound, being sure to attract as little attention as possible

Heart of the Dragon (Atlantis #1)

The darkness made the trailers a labyrinth for me, and I stayed at Tatum’s heels. That was harder than it sounded, though. I was used to being the fastest person, which was how I’d managed to survive so long being chased by inhuman monsters. What training I’d tried to do inside that room hadn’t been nearly enough.It wasn’t until we reached the gates that I realized how bad the zombie invasion must’ve been. The holding area between the two doors was a complete massacre. Zombie bodies with their greenish blood splattered everywhere and guts hanging out. Uninfected humans either torn up or shot.

I’m not sure exactly why they were shot, but I could speculate. A few were probably killed in friendly fire because of the chaos of the zombie attack, but I’d guess that most were self-inflicted or done as a mercy killing because they’d been bitten. It’s generally believed that death is a much better alternative than turning into a zombie.

Holy shit, I said, staring at the carnage around me. I stopped, both to catch my breath and because it never ceased to shock me what this world had become.I take a deep breath, knowing that my anxiety level directly affects her. I can only imagine how she feels because I want to freak the fuck out myself. I need to be strong and downplay what’s happened if possible. I have no desire at all to socialize tonight, but I’ll do it—for her. I place my hand on top of hers and give it a squeeze of reassurance. It’s fine, baby. You’ve been looking forward to seeing your friends again and I refuse to let my baggage ruin that.

Are you sure? She sounds skeptical.Absolutely. There’s no use in going home to dwell on something we can’t change…at least tonight. Tomorrow will be soon enough to get some answers. Even though I managed to keep my voice level for Lia’s benefit, I’d really like nothing more at the moment than to call Aidan and ask him what in the hell is going on. How dare he fucking bring her back here—to his apartment—for her first home visit without telling me. I also want to call Max and demand that he finds some way to make sure this never happens again. She’s not well—fucking far from it. If Aidan can’t see that, then he has no business managing her care. She’s a danger to all that I hold dear. An icy feeling of déjà vu washes over me and I know with certainty that in order to have a future with Lia, I’ll have to battle a past that threatens to take it all away—again.

Lord of Misrule (The Morganville Vampires #5)

How dare you bring her here without telling me, I bark out before Aidan has made it more than a couple of feet into my office. Where in the hell is she now?He looks guilty but resolute as he says, She’s back in the facility. She was only here overnight. Expelling a breath, he sinks into a chair in front of my desk. I didn’t tell you because it wasn’t something I had planned. When I went to visit her on Friday, her doctor asked if I’d given any more thought to signing her out for a short time. They’re interested in her case since this is experimental medication and she’s doing so well on it. They want to see if she can rejoin society and feel that exposing her in small measures would be helpful to her recovery.

We’re not talking about someone with social anxiety here, Aidan. She slit my fucking throat and killed my child! So they give her some new wonder drug and then decide to thrust her back out into the world? The whole thing is dangerous and unethical. How did they know she wouldn’t kill you in your sleep?I locked her bedroom door, he admits quietly. It wasn’t that I feared her doing something to me, but I wasn’t confident she wouldn’t wander off somewhere during the night. She’s not used to any type of freedom.

You saw how she reacted to Lia. It scared the hell out of me, I admit. Truth be told, I was distracted all through dinner with Debra and Martin, and then I was awake most of the night with images of Cassie hurting Lia.Aidan’s face has gone as white as no doubt mine is. I didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry, Luc, everything happened so fast that before I even had time to think, much less remember you were stopping by my apartment for that contract, we were walking in the door. I would have never let that happen if I’d had any idea you were there.

Shoving back from my desk, I ask impatiently, Do you have any cigarettes? That’s about the last thing I want, but smoking a joint while drinking a bottle of whiskey is probably out. I’m just hoping a smoke will help in some way to release the freaking tension choking me.He looks startled by my abrupt subject change but pulls a pack from his suit pocket. Um, yeah, right here.

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