The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth #1) Colters Lady (Colters Legacy #2)

Help me get him inside, she said in the same urgent-but-calm tone you hear from ER doctors everywhere.

Owl, Iseult realized—and fast on its heels came another thought: Aeduan killed seven men.The Firewitch snooped closer. He’d found something he liked. His Threads flared with interest and desire.

Destination: Void (Destination: Void #1)

Then fire whooshed out. Heat seared against the side of Iseult’s face.The man with the boot rocked back, hissing curses.The Firewitch simply laughed, and a smell like burned hair slithered into Iseult’s nose. He was burning the corpses.

Fair Game (Alpha and Omega #3)

Stop, said the man with the boot, his Threads paling into beige revulsion. The Baedyeds will see the smoke.Does that matter? the Firewitch snapped. Though he did clap his hands, and the fire did wink out. Only the smell and a hiss-pop! left behind. We could win their ships. And their horses. All of Saldonica, even, if we attack now. All at once, while the Baedyeds are unprepared.

At those words, every set of Threads in the area bruised into hungry shades of violet. They wanted what the Baedyeds had.

But what of Ragnor? asked a new voice. What of the child?I slide my fingers into his hair, lifting his head so that he’s looking at me. That was… Amazing. Mind-blowing. Out of this world. He grins. All those things and more. Thank you. His brows pull together. You don’t have to thank me. I know, but I do. I big, big thank you. He chuckles. I bring my head toward his, softly kissing him. The kiss quickly turns heated. He’s still dressed and between my legs, and I need him naked. Now. Tell me I can fuck you, he says, breathing heavily into my mouth. I thought that was already a given. I smile against his lips. Getting to his knees, Liam reaches back and pulls his T-shirt off over his head. We both go for his pants at the same time. Liam wins and takes them off. He reaches over into his nightstand and gets a condom from the drawer. I watch as he rolls the condom onto his impressive length. When he’s fully sheathed, he lifts his eyes to mine. I lick my lips. His expression darkens. I part my legs. He’s on top of me in seconds with his mouth back on mine, kissing me like his life depends on it. I’ve wanted to do this from the moment you kissed me on the plane. Then, he thrusts his cock all the way up inside me. Oh my God! I cry out. He stills inside me. My body is adjusting to his size when he presses his nose to mine and stares deep into my eyes. You feel so fucking good. Even better than I imagined. His breath whispers over my lips. I can feel his heart beating against mine while his cock is buried deep inside me. I wrap my legs around him, my hands sliding up into his hair. Fuck me, Liam. Now. His eyes flare, and he growls. He captures my mouth in a kiss, and he starts to fuck me. His movements quickly become intense. He’s fucking me so hard that we’re moving up the bed with each thrust he gives. Liam’s hand goes under my ass, lifting and tilting me. He pulls his cock out to the tip and then slams back in. He hits so deep inside me that I scream. His mouth is on my neck, kissing, and then I feel his tongue sweep over the shell of my ear, driving me crazy. He kisses his way back to my mouth, and I’m turning my head to meet his lips, needing to kiss him more than I need air right now. His tongue slides along mine, fucking my mouth as thoroughly as his cock is fucking me. Liam groans, and it sounds like pure pleasure. It sends thrills racing through me, as I realize that I’m affecting him in this way. Tell me you’re close, babe, because I can’t hold off any longer. I wanted to last, but you’re just so fucking hot, and I waited too long to fuck you. I am close, but knowing how much he needs to come, I decide to aid the process along. I reach a hand between us and start to rub my clit with my fingers. Liam stares down at my hand. Fuck yeah. That’s it, touch yourself. His eyes come back to mine. They’re all dark with lust. You’re so fucking beautiful, Taylor. He thinks I’m beautiful? He starts fucking me again with slow, drawn-out movements while I continue to rub my clit. My second orgasm hits as hard as the first, and I’m coming like a rocket. Liam! I cry, my hand gripping his arm, nails digging in, as I ride out my orgasm. Jesus! Fuck! I’m…fucking…coming, he groans. Taking my mouth again, he kisses me through his orgasm, my own body still trembling with aftershocks. And he keeps kissing me, long after he’s come, and I like it a lot. The sex was out-of-this-world, but I like kissing him just as much. I’ve never been kissed the way Liam kisses me—so incredibly thorough. Like the kiss isn’t just a precursor to sex. He kisses me because he wants to. That was fucking amazing, he says, brushing my hair back from my forehead. If I’d known it would be that good, I wouldn’t have waited the last seven hours. I’d have for sure insisted on fucking in the airplane bathroom. I slap his ass, and he chuckles. He kisses my lips one last time, and then says, I’ll just get rid of the condom. He gets up off me, and I feel the loss immediately. It surprises me just how much. I watch his sexy naked ass go into his bathroom. I hear water running, and then he emerges a few seconds later. He climbs back onto the bed. Getting a blanket from the bottom of the bed, he covers us with it. He places a kiss on my chest between my breasts. He cups one in his hand, running his thumb over my nipple, making me shiver. You have really great tits. I laugh. He looks up at me, dark lashes fanning as he blinks. What? Nothing. I smile. You’re just different. Not like any guy I’ve ever met before. He smiles widely. And you, Boston, are not like any other woman I’ve ever met before. I take that as a compliment, as I bet he’s met a lot of women. Liam lifts up and softly kisses me on the lips. Then, he takes me in his arms. I lay my head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. I’m really glad my meeting was canceled today. I glance up at him. You weren’t supposed to be on that flight? No, I was due to fly back tomorrow, but the meeting I was supposed to have today was canceled, so I decided to fly back. And I’m really fucking glad I did. I’m glad you did, too. Guess us meeting was meant to be.

Liam stares at me for a long moment, and then he gently presses his lips to my forehead. I rest my head back down on his chest, running my fingers over his chest hair. It’s not long before I hear his breathing even out, and I realize he’s fallen asleep. I don’t want to overstay my welcome, and I want this moment to be what it was supposed to be—a one-time thing with a stranger. Only Liam doesn’t feel so much like a stranger anymore. I gather up my clothes in the dark. But I can’t find my panties. Not wanting to wake him, I forego my panties, and I quickly dress out in the hall. Then, I go to the kitchen and get my bag. My shoes are still by the front door, so I put them on, grab my suitcase, and let myself out of his apartment. I take the elevator down. The night watchman is still on the desk, so I ask him to call me a cab. The cab turns up five minutes later. The cabbie puts my suitcase in the trunk. I take a seat in the back. Hunter Hotel, I tell him. I give one last look to Liam’s building, touching a hand to my lips. I smile at the memory he’s just given me, but feel a twinge of sadness that I won’t see him again. I wake to the sound of a phone ringing. Really fucking loudly. It takes me a moment to realize that it’s the hotel room phone. Reaching out a hand, I grab the receiver of the phone on the nightstand beside my head. Hello? My voice sounds rough. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about Liam. About the sex I had with Liam. And I was wishing that I’d stayed with him. That I was waking up with him and not to this ringing phone. Guess what I have in my hand? Liam? Liam? The one and only. It’s him. A big smile spreads across my face. How do you know which hotel I’m staying in? I ask. I have my ways. So, are you going to guess what I have in my hand? No. I’m more concerned with your stalking abilities. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I’m glad he found me. I just like playing with him. He sighs. You flew with my company. You’re staying in one of my hotels. I have access to the agents you booked with. It wasn’t hard to find out which hotel you were staying at. All it took was one phone call. Did you make the call? No, my assistant did, he says, sounding like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I laugh. Do you do anything yourself, Hunter? Of course I do. I give amazing head. I fuck—hard. That makes me shiver. And I cook stir-fry for list-making Bostonians who won’t stop asking questions. I laugh again. I love that he makes me laugh. You did cook for me. You also gave me amazing head—my first ever—and you fucked me very well. Why, thank you, ma’am, he says, his accent thickening. Now, are you going to answer my question? Which was? What do I have in my hand? I don’t know. My ability of foresight was slightly hampered by a phone ringing and waking me at the butt-crack of dawn. It’s not the butt crack of dawn. It’s ten a.m. I’ve been up and working for hours. Wait, you’re in bed? I am. I stretch out in the warmth of the bed. What are you wearing? I bite down on the smile that I’ve been wearing since I heard his voice down the line. I thought you wanted me to guess what you have in your hand. I want to know what you’re wearing more. His voice has dropped an octave lower and sounds all sexy and seductive. Pajama shorts and a top. Why did I tell him that? I should have said something sexier than pajamas. But then his resounding moan tells me that I said the right thing. Your knickers, he says, his voice sounding rough. I’m knickers? No, you’re not knickers. I have your knickers in my hand. Do you mean, my panties? I giggle at the word knickers. It sounds so funny. Say that again. His voice is raspy. What? Panties? Yeah. It sounds sexy as fuck when you say it. Panties, I say again, elongating the word to tease him. And it works. I hear him groan. Turned on? I ask. Like you wouldn’t fucking believe. That has me pressing my thighs together. So, yeah—he clears his throat—I have your panties. The panties you left at my place after you snuck out this morning. I didn’t sneak out this morning. I left after you fell asleep last night. Same thing. He doesn’t sound happy that I left. I’m surprised at that. Aw, don’t you like being snuck out on, Hunter? Or is it usually you doing the sneaking out? I don’t sneak out on a woman. I just tell her that I’m leaving after I’m done fucking her. What if she’s at your place? Then, I pass her, her coat, tell her thank you very much, and show her to the door. Nice. So, why didn’t you show me to the door? Because I wasn’t done with you. You weren’t done? I let out a nervous laugh, unsure of where this conversation is heading.No. I woke up with a raging hard-on and no you there to fuck. So, I had to come to work, sporting a massive erection. It’s raising some eyebrows from my staff. With that image, I can’t stop the grin that covers my face. You should have jerked off before you left for work. And, hang on, you’re at work with a hard-on and my panties in your hand? He lets out a laugh. When you put it like that, it sounds really pervy. It is pervy! You’ve been walking around with my panties in your hand. I haven’t been walking around with your panties in my hand. They were in my pocket. They’re in my hand now that I’m in my office, alone, talking to you. God, I can smell you on them, Taylor. His voice drops lower. I can still taste you in my mouth, and it’s making me so hard. I need to fuck you again. He needs to fuck me again. Now? I breathe the word out. I’ve got a meeting in five minutes. I’ll be at your hotel room in an hour. I want you naked and ready for me. We’re going to fuck, and then I’m taking you out, so we can start making a dent in your list. Holy God. Has anyone ever told you that you are insanely bossy? I’m not bossy. I’m just a man who knows what he wants, and right now, I want you. I want to be between your thighs with my cock deep inside you, fucking you hard. That okay with you? Ermahgerd. Y-yes. Good. I’ll see you in an hour. Then, he hangs up on me. Holy shit! I thought last night was a one-time thing. But, now, he’s coming here, and we’re going to have sex again. Oh my God. I call room service for breakfast, and then I go take a shower in preparation for Liam coming. I dress in my knee-length skirt with red flowers on it and a white strappy top. And, of course, I’ve put on my best underwear. Breakfast arrives soon after. I quickly scarf down some toast with marmalade on it. I’m totally trying to be English. I’m just finishing my coffee when there’s a firm knock at the door. Putting my cup down, I go over to the door and open it. And there stands Liam. He’s wearing a charcoal-gray three-piece suit with a white shirt and gray tie, and he looks hot as hell. He strides through the door. Hooking his arm around my waist, he brings me up onto my tiptoes, and he takes my mouth in a delicious kiss as he kicks the door shut with his foot. My hands flutter to his chest. Hi, he rumbles against my lips. Hi. I’m breathy and seriously turned on already, and all he’s done is kiss me. Don’t you ever leave my bed again before I’m done with you. I blink my eyes open, and stare into his. Yes, sir. So long as we know where we stand. God, you’re bossy. Well, people generally do what I say without complaint. Except for me. Except for you. He smiles against my mouth, and I love the feeling. I love it a little bit too much. Do you want something to drink? I ask, tipping my head back so that I can properly look him in the eyes. No, I don’t want something to drink…and you’re dressed. He speculatively eyes me, tugging on a strap with his finger. I specifically told you that I wanted you naked. Well, I thought it would be more fun if you undressed me. The predatory look in his eyes has me stepping back toward the bed, and it sets off a swarm of butterflies in my belly, which are quickly heading south. I want you to undress for me. Strip. Now, he orders, his arms folding over his broad chest. God, I want to strip him out of that sexy suit of his. Bossy, I mutter. I didn’t hear you complaining last night when my head was between your legs, making you come. Now, take off your fucking clothes. After that little speech, I have nothing…nothing but wet panties and hard nipples. My hands go to the zipper on my skirt, and I slowly lower it. I push the fabric down over my hips, letting it pool at my feet. I step out of it. I pull my top off over my head and drop it on top of the skirt, leaving me standing here, in my underwear. His eyes darken with appreciation. And, in this moment, I’ve never felt sexier and more powerful. Underwear as well. His commanding eyes meet with mine. I remove my bra first, loving how his eyes go to my breasts and seem to get stuck there. I hook my thumbs in the elastic of my panties and shimmy them down my legs, toeing them off to the side. The shy part of me wants to cover my body with my hands, but I refuse to be that shy girl. Especially not with the way that Liam is looking at me right now—with absolute appreciation for my body. There is nothing more empowering than having a man look at you like Liam is looking at me. In this moment, I’m not Taylor Shaw, brain tumor girl. I’m Taylor Shaw, sex goddess. With that bolstering my confidence, I say, Now that you have me naked, what are you going to do with me? Liam unfastens his eyes from my breasts and pins me with a hot stare. Things that will have you coming for days. Now, get on the fucking bed. I scramble up onto the bed without hesitation. Eager? Hell yes, I am. I know how this man fucks—hot and hard and thorough. Liam toes off his shoes and yanks off his tie. After removing his jacket and vest, he then takes off his cuff links, putting them on the nightstand by the bed.

Ghost Night (Bone Island Trilogy #2)

He unfastens his pants, pulling his shirt free. Unbuttoning the top few buttons on his shirt, he reaches back and pulls it over his head. I stare unashamedly at his chest. I didn’t get to appreciate it in the darkness of his room last night. But, now, I’m seeing, and holy hell am I appreciating. He’s cut and ripped. All the way down to his V. He is a man who works out and reaps the rewards for it. Well, I’m the one currently reaping those rewards. Liam has a man’s body. A real man’s body. There’s no waxed chest here. There’s hair smattering his chest and a happy trail leading all the way to the promised land. I’ve never been a chest-hair-on-a-guy kind of girl. I’m now officially converted. All I want to do is run my tongue over that chest hair and follow that happy trail down into those pants to what I know awaits me there. Like what you see? I lift my eyes to his. Very much so. But some of you is still covered. I gesture to his pants. Take off your fucking pants, Hunter. He grins at me. It’s a lazy but oh-so sexy grin. I want you to take them off for me. His words are very distinct. He steps toward the bed, so he’s standing by the edge of it. Getting up on my knees, I reach for his zipper and lower it. The sound is loud in the silence. I slip my hands into the back of his pants and push them down, letting them fall to the floor. Liam kicks them off to the side. I slide my fingers into the waistband of his boxer shorts and tug them down. His cock springs free. And then I’m just too distracted to get his boxers fully off. I can’t take my eyes off his cock. It’s just so hard and big, and…there. Liam removes his boxer shorts the rest of the way. I wrap my hand around his cock. He groans, his stomach muscles tensing. I got that he was big from the feel of him inside me last night, but looking at his cock right now in the light of day, I’m wondering how the hell it actually fit. Pre-cum beads on the tip, and my mouth waters to taste him. I lean my head down and lick the tip, loving the shudder that runs through his body. His fingers slide into my hair. Suck it, he rasps out the command. I glance up at him. The look in his eyes…I’ve never seen a man look so on the edge of need. I give him a seductive smile, and then I lower my mouth over his cock, taking him in. I haven’t had a lot of experience with giving head. But I want this to be really good for Liam, so, I give it my all, wanting to make him feel as amazing as he makes me feel. I wrap my hand around the base, jacking him off, while I suck him. He seems to like it as his grip on my hair tightens, and he says, Yeah, fuck, that’s it. Suck it harder. So, I suck harder. His other hand takes ahold of my hair, and he starts fucking my mouth with his cock, hips pistoning back and forth. Jesus…your mouth feels so fucking good, he groans. I rest my hands on his hips, going with what he needs. His cock feels amazing, sliding between my lips. Without warning, he pulls from my mouth, and then I’m none too gently pushed down onto the bed. He spreads my legs and gets down on his knees. His mouth is on my pussy in seconds, his tongue pushing inside me. On my God! I cry out. Liam lifts his head and stares at me. Right now, I am your god, and don’t you fucking forget it. Holy…wow. He pushes a finger inside me. And another. Fucking me with them, he starts to suck on my clit. Seconds later, I’m exploding around his mouth. I didn’t realize how worked up I was. Guess that’s the power of oral sex. Or just the power of him. Move up to the head of the bed, and get on your stomach. I lift my lazy head, still lax from the orgasm, and look at him. Now, he says. I don’t argue because I know that whatever he has in mind will mean more pleasure for me. Face pressed into the pillow, I hear Liam moving around, and then he climbs on the bed. A condom lands on the pillow beside my head. He takes ahold of one wrist and then the other, bringing them together above my head. He starts to wrap his tie around my wrists. Um, you’re tying me up? I glance back at him. Looks that way. You have a problem with that? Do I have a problem with that? No. I shake my head. So long as you untie me at the end. I don’t fancy being on the receiving end of a hotel maid’s joke. He chuckles low and deep, and then he leans in and captures my lips in a hot kiss. I can taste myself on him. It’s crazy erotic. Don’t worry. I have plans for you this afternoon that don’t require you being tied to a bed. He ties my bound wrists to the metal headboard, using the remainder of the tie. I’m figuring he does this often, as he has me bound and tied in less than a minute. I feel him press a kiss between my shoulder blades. Then, he starts to kiss his way down my spine. His hand runs over my ass cheek…and then he slaps it. Ouch, I hiss. I feel his lips press to the offending sting, his tongue running over the area, soothing it. I haven’t been spanked before. Gotta say, I quite like it. It feels…naughty and incredibly sexy. Especially when I’m tied up and totally at his mercy. I feel his finger run between my ass cheeks, causing me to tense. Have you ever been fucked up the arse? he asks, voice low.I crane my neck back to look him. No. And I don’t know if it’s something I ever want to do. But, you’re dying, Taylor. So, why the hell not? What do you have to lose? Swallowing past my natural nerves, my voice shakes as I say, But…I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it out. Surprise flickers in his eyes, and then, soon after, a big, dirty grin spreads across his lip. Has anyone ever told you before that you’re a man’s wet dream? A laugh escapes me. Nope. Well, you are. A hot fucking wet dream. I’ve been dreaming about a woman like you since I hit puberty. You don’t get to fuck many asses? I ask. Not as many as I’d like. He slaps my ass again. And I’m going to fuck your hot ass…but not today. Why not? I ask. I actually feel a little disappointed. I was getting all ready to psych myself up for it. Because spit alone won’t do it, and unless you have some lube, I’m not going near your ass. I don’t have lube. It’s not something I thought to pack. I smirk at him. I’ll just have to make sure I have some the next time we have sex. We’ll be having sex again? I raise a brow. We’ll definitely be having sex again. He leans down and presses another kiss to my ass cheek, making me shiver. I let my head fall down onto the pillow as I feel Liam get to his knees. His hands grab my hips, and he lifts me. I bring my knees up to support myself. God knows how because my body currently feels like jelly. Sex for me before was never anything like it is with Liam. With Benjamin, we were just inexperienced kids, and my one-night stands were just fuck-and-goes. Sex with Liam is so much more. There are so many feelings that come with it…and it’s incredibly intense in sensation that I’m halfway between madness and ecstasy while with him. His finger pushes inside me again, and he starts to fuck me with it. I’m panting and beyond needing him inside me when he reaches over and picks up the condom. His finger leaves me. I whimper at the loss. I hear foil tear. I glance back to see him rolling the condom on that magnificent cock of his. His dick is straining upward, looking hard and so ready to fuck me. He catches my eye. The smile he gives me is a dirty one, filled with a hot promise. Liam holds my stare as he lines his cock up with my opening. Very slowly, he starts to push every delicious inch of him inside me until my eyes are closing with total bliss. He takes his time, fucking me with measured, languid movements. Pulling all the way out and then pushing back in, inch by delicious inch. It’s the best kind of torture. You look so fucking beautiful right now, he says in a rough, low voice. I can’t ever remember being called beautiful by a man I was fucking…except for him. I look back at him, the bind on my wrists pulling. It stings, but I like the bite of pain. So do you, I tell him. Something flashes through his eyes. Something hot and urgent. Then, his control snaps, and he starts fucking me hard and relentless. One hand on my hip and the other pressed on my lower back, he pumps in and out of me, dominating my body. I’ve never handed myself over to another person in this way before, but I love the way it makes me feel. Liam lifts his hand from my back and puts his thumb in his mouth, wetting it. The next thing I feel is that wet thumb sliding between my ass cheeks while his hand palms my lower back. When it touches my puckered hole, I tense. I thought we weren’t doing ass play? I changed my mind. That okay with you? Is that okay with me? Yes…yes, it is. I look back, meeting with his eyes. Yes, I whisper. Heat flares in his eyes. Holding my stare, he slows his thrusts down and focuses on teasing his thumb over that sacred, untouched part of me. Even though I told him yes, I still can’t help but tense, knowing what he’s about to do. Relax for me, he whispers. So, I do. I close my eyes and give myself over to him. When I feel the tip of his thumb enter me, I moan, partly from the burn but surprisingly in pleasure, too. Are you okay? he asks, his voice sounding rough. Yes, I breathe. Can you take more? I nod my head. He pushes his thumb in a bit further. The burn increases, but it’s not painful, just uncomfortable. There’s something else, too…something good. I feel full of him, and a desperate need starts to overtake everything else. Suddenly, the burn doesn’t matter because I want more—more him, more of what he’s doing to me. Liam has stilled his movements, his cock seated inside me, his thumb up my ass. And, now, I’m the one taking control, telling him with my body what I want. I push back against him and start fucking myself on him. Fucking my pussy with his cock and my ass with his thumb. Fuck yeah, that’s it, babe. God, the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you’d be a hot fuck. I want to touch my clit, but I can’t because my hands are bound. I’m totally at his mercy. He seems to sense what I need as his other hand slides from my hip and moves around my front to my clit. He rubs my clit with his thick finger. I’m coming seconds later with his finger on my clit, his dick in my pussy, and his thumb up my ass.

And I keep coming. I’m still coming when he pulls his thumb out of my ass and his finger off my clit. His chest presses to my back, and his hands go around my wrists. His mouth pressed to my shoulder, he starts pumping his cock in and out of me. God, you’re so fucking hot, Boston. I could fuck you for days. So, do it, I whisper. Fuck me for days. He growls and starts pumping in and out of me even harder. Skin slapping skin, his hips pound against my ass. I’m…fucking…coming, he growls. Then, he sinks his teeth into my shoulder in the most delicious way as he rides his orgasm out in me. When he’s done, I collapse down onto the bed. Liam comes down with me. God, you weigh a ton. I chuckle. All muscle, babe. He nips my shoulder with his teeth, and then he gets up off me, pulling out of me. I decide that’s my least favorite part of having sex with Liam—him pulling out of me. I don’t like the feeling of losing him from my body. He unties me from the bed and unwraps the bind around my wrists. I turn over to face him. He takes ahold of my wrists and rubs his thumbs over them, massaging. It’s the sweetest thing. Then, he leans down and kisses my lips, humming a sound of pleasure over them. And I change my mind. That’s the sweetest thing. I’ll just get rid of this. He nods down at the condom on his still semi-hard dick. How is he still hard? I watch his naked ass leave the room and go into the bathroom. You should have a better room than this, he tells me as he comes back out from the bathroom. What’s wrong with this room? Are you saying your hotel rooms are shitty? No. He climbs onto the bed. Taking me in his arms, he shimmies us down the bed until we’re facing each other, legs tangled, arms holding. I’m getting the impression that Liam is a cuddler. I’m saying that you should be staying in a better room. You should be in a suite. I don’t need a suite. I’m one person. This is all I need. I like suites, and if I’m going to be spending time here, in bed with you, then I want to be doing it in the best of my hotel rooms. You’ll fly coach, but you won’t stay in a simple hotel room. What can I say? I’m a complicated guy. He grins. I’ll have you moved to a suite later. You will, or your assistant will? Another grin. My assistant will. I’ll be busy doing other things. Such as? You. Oh. Well, I can’t argue with that. But still… I don’t want a suite. I know. But you’re getting one. He presses a soft kiss to my lips. And, in this moment, I realize that arguing with Liam Hunter is fruitless. He’s used to getting what he wants. Anyway, you’re going to be spending time here? I question, going back to what he said before. We can fuck at my place, too. Either works for me, so long as we’re fucking. I’m still stuck on the spending-more-time-together bit. And we have your list to work on, he adds. My list? Yeah, I’m going to help you complete it. You are? I am. He smiles. And what if I don’t want you to help me? Shit, that came out sounding a little sharper than I intended. I don’t mean, I don’t like fucking you because I do. I like it a lot…but beyond that, I can’t do any more. He stares at me for a long moment, his eyes darkening. I don’t do more than fucking. But you’re alone in this country, and you seem like you could use a friend while you’re here. How long are you here for? Two weeks. Then, I go home to die. He runs his fingertip over my lips. So, we’ll keep fucking for the two weeks you’re here because, for some unknown reason, my cock likes you a lot. And when we’re not fucking, I’ll help you complete your list. Why would you do that? I’m a charitable kind of guy. He lifts a shoulder, a teasing smile on his lips. Don’t you have work to do? My PA is always telling me I need a holiday. This can be my holiday. Helping me complete my list is a holiday to you? We’ll be fucking in that time, too. Of course, because the fucking is very important. It is very important. He slides a hand down my side, grabbing my thigh. Then, he hitches my leg over his hip and presses himself against me. He’s hard. Again? I question. A smile lifts his lips. I’ve only got two weeks’ worth of fucking you. So, yes, again. He’s right about that. We don’t have longer than two weeks. Maybe I don’t even have that left. We’re lying side by side after a very active second round of sex with me riding Liam, which contributed to us both coming hard and fast. Tell me about the list. I turn my head on the pillow to look at him. He turns his face toward me, meeting my eyes. Tell you what? You’ve already seen it. But why the list? What’s the reason for writing it? He wants a reason. It’s not like I can go with the whole truth, so I go with a half-truth.I stare up at the ceiling. When I was sixteen, I had a brain tumor. It was…aggressive. There was a point when I wasn’t sure I was going to survive. So, I wrote the list with all the things I’d never done with the hope that I’d survive and be able to do them. And, now, all I want is to die. Ironic, huh? And here you are. His hand touches mine. I move my eyes back to him. Yeah, I exhale. But I shouldn’t be here. I should have died then. If I had, then they would still be here, living and breathing. One life for four. I would trade mine in a heartbeat. Why wait so long to do the things on the list? I look away again. Some things…happened. There was just never a right time. I lift a shoulder to downplay my words. But there’s nothing to downplay the fact that my family died because of me. He brushes my hair off my face with his hand, bringing my eyes back to his. Why is now the right time? Because the tumor is back, and I’m ready to die. I’m ready to join my family. I just want to do a few things before I go. He’s staring at me, curious and tender, and I really need him to stop. My eyes go back to the ceiling. Because…it’s just time. I know his eyes are still on me. I feel exposed. And I don’t like it at all. Liam’s a smart man. He’ll know there’s more to it than what I’m saying. But, right now, I need him to be smart enough to realize that I don’t want to talk about me. So, I fake a smile on my face and go to change the subject, hoping he goes along with it. The art of deflection—I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years. So, Mr. Mega-Rich Businessman, tell me how you became so successful. I slide a glance at him, that forced smile still on my face. I know what’s in the public domain about Liam. I knew a little about him already—he’s a name people know—but I wanted to know more, so I GOOGLEd him earlier. Call me nosy, but I was curious about the man who was about to come and stick his dick in me for the second time. Liam Hunter made his money in airplanes after setting up a small private chartered airplane company that flew rich business people all over the world. Soon after, he expanded, investing in larger airplanes and moving into the travel industry—vacations, long-haul flights, that kind of thing. A few years later, he bought out a failing hotel chain, rebranded it, and turned it around, making it a big success. Those hotels of his are all over the world. A few years after buying the hotel chain, he went in a different direction and set up Hunter Finance—credit cards, loans, mortgages—and from there, he built a financial empire. Liam has the Midas touch in business—not my words. It was a quote from an article I read about him. I really don’t know how the guy has time to sleep. His expression doesn’t change. He just shrugs and says, Because I’m awesome. And because I treat business like I treat fucking. I turn on my side, so I’m facing him, putting my hands under my cheek. And how’s that? A smile slides onto his lips. A mutually beneficial transaction where I make the other party feel good about what they’re getting. They leave with a smile on their face, and I still come out on top. That makes me laugh. Why airplanes? I ask, intrigued. Honestly, if I were to set up a business, that would be the last thing I would think of going into. Because I love to fly. There’s nothing more freeing than being in the air. There’s nothing more likely to kill you than plummeting from thirty-thousand feet. Well, except for a growing tumor in your brain. He gives me a disapproving look. Babe, you’re statistically more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the airport than you are in an airplane. Still, I’ll take my chances in a car. At least I’d be on the ground. Crushed and mangled in a car wreck. Laughter bursts from me. Quite a picture you paint. He grins at me. It’s such a boyish grin, making him look years younger than the thirty-two I know him to be. Boston, I’ll have you loving flying before you head back home to Boston. That was a lot of Bostons for one sentence. And, as for the flying, I highly doubt it, but thanks. Smiling, I free a hand from under my cheek and run it through his thick hair. Is that your family? He nods at something over my shoulder. The smile on my face freezes because I know what he’s looking at. I have a framed photo of my family on the nightstand. It’s all I have left of them, except for my memories. I put the picture up last night when I got here after being at his place. It’s the only thing I unpacked. When I put it up, I didn’t expect Liam to come over here and start asking questions. I should have taken it down before he arrived. I should have thought about it. But I was too worried about what to wear for his imminent arrival. I wasn’t thinking. That’s my problem though. I never think. Yes, it’s my family. Turning from him, I get out of bed. I pick the picture up and put it facedown. Moving across the room, I get the hotel-supplied robe from the hook on the back of the door and pull it on. When I turn back, Liam is sitting up in bed, his back resting against the headboard, sheet pooling around his waist. And your family doesn’t mind you jetting halfway across the world on your own?

They’re all dead. The words are out before I can stop them. I could have said anything. I could’ve lied. Although lying to Liam just doesn’t seem to be something I can do—well, apart from not telling him that I’m dying. That, I definitely won’t be telling him. I watch as his expression freezes. Then, sympathy and pity fill his eyes. I hate sympathy and pity. Almost as much as I hate myself. Jesus, Taylor, I’m so sorry. His eyes go to the downturned picture and then come back to me. How— House fire. They all died in a fire at the house I grew up in. Any more questions? I snap. I didn’t mean to snap. It’s not like it’s his fault. It’s mine. I just…I don’t talk about this. Them. Any of it. All I want is to see my family again. I want to bake with my mom. And play catch with my dad. And argue with Parker over the bathroom. I want to tickle Tess just so I can hear her laugh and see her beautiful smile. But I can’t have that. Because they’re gone. They’re dead. And all I’ve got is this goddamn list, which I’m going to complete. I’m going to see this city where my mom grew up, the place where she met my dad and they fell in love. I’m going to do all the stupid things that sixteen-year-old me wanted to do…and then I’m going to let this tumor kill me. And I’ll finally be with them again—where I belong. Why did I have to stay out that night? Why did I insist on sleeping over at my best friend’s house? Why did I have to ask my mother to wash my favorite hoodie so that I could wear it on the flight we were supposed to take the next day? The flight to bring us to England. Why did the dryer have to have a fault and catch fire? Why did I, a few weeks earlier, have my dad take the batteries out of the fire alarm because it kept going off all the time? Why couldn’t I have just stayed home? Why couldn’t I have died at home with them instead of having to die here alone? Why did any of it have to happen? The only saving grace I have is that this tumor in my head is soon going to kill me. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. Liam’s gentle voice brings me back to the now. My hand is clutching my stomach, and I can feel wetness on my cheeks. Turning away from him, I brush the tears away. I’m going to take a shower, I say, walking toward the bathroom. Taylor? I turn back to him. The pity’s gone, and I’m relieved. What? He’s staring at me like he wants to say something. So, I beat him to it. Look—I sigh—I don’t talk about my family—ever. And if we’re going to be spending time together, you need to know that. Okay? He nods. Okay. But…if you ever change your mind…I’m here. I just want you to know that. A lump appears in my throat while tears burn my eyes. I nod in response, unable to speak. Averting my eyes, I tighten the robe around my waist. When I look back up, he’s still watching me. Our eyes hold in silent understanding. Then, a small smile appears on his lips. Well, hurry up and get your hot arse in the shower. And don’t take all day because we have plans. We do? I’m taking you out to start on your list, remember? Yeah, I remember, I say before heading into the bathroom, thankful for Liam’s ability to switch moods as easily as I can. A hair salon? I look up at the sign on the shop where Liam’s driver, Paul, has just pulled up in front. This is where you’re taking me? Dye your hair pink. Or purple. Or some other cool color. He remembered it from my list. The list he read once, a day ago on the plane. I feel oddly touched that he remembered. How did you remember that? I ask, turning to him. I remember everything off that list. Especially the, Have lots of sex, and have sex outdoors. He flashes me a salacious grin. With my face flaming red, my eyes move to Paul sitting in the driver’s seat. Jesus, Liam, I hiss. Paul is sitting right there. He can hear you. Paul’s not embarrassed, are you? Liam says, with that damn grin still on his face. No, sir. Paul might not be, but I am! I smack Liam on the arm. He laughs at me, and then, he opens the car door and takes my hand, pulling me out with him. Wait here, he tells Paul, leaning back in the car. He shuts the door and leads me toward the hair salon. You know, I need an appointment to have my hair colored, I tell him as he pushes the door to the salon open. You’ve got one. I made it for this morning. You made the appointment? I raise a brow. Or your assistant did? He gives me an offended look. I made the appointment. A friend of mine owns the salon. Liam! I turn to see a stunning woman moving across the salon, quickly heading for us—well, Liam. She has black hair with these cool purple streaks in them. She’s tall—a lot taller than me, but that isn’t hard. She’s wearing these skinny jeans that look like they were made especially for her and a really pretty fitted shirt. She’s stunning, and I instantly hate her. Okay, well, I don’t hate her. I’m just jealous of her natural gorgeousness.I know I’m not ugly, but I am nowhere in her league. She throws her arms around Liam, kissing his cheek and hugging him. It’s clear they’re close. Maybe as close as Liam and I are. Liam lets go of my hand, so he can hug her back. The twinge I feel in my stomach is most definitely not jealousy. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit of jealousy. Stupid, I know. I watch them and the way she hugs him. She hugs him in an intimate way. Like they’ve been close before. Like she knows his body the way I know his body. Jesus, they’ve had sex. He’s had sex with her. I can’t believe he brought me to the salon of a woman he used to fuck. Or maybe still fucks. The twinge in my stomach tightens into knots. It’s been too long since I last saw you, she tells him. Aside from being gorgeous, she has an awesome English accent. Her hand is still pressed to his chest, and I have an irrational urge to rip her hand off him. Down, Taylor. Jesus, what is going on with me? I cross my arms over my chest to make sure I don’t do something stupid, like break her fingers. When did we last see each other? she asks him. Cam’s birthday. God, yeah, that was six months ago. That was a good night. She smiles at him. It’s a dreamy kind of smile. A we-had-sex kind of smile. Ugh. Yeah, it was a good night, Liam says low. Megan, this is Taylor, he finally deems to introduce me. I hold my silly anger in and smile at her. Hi, I say. You have a really nice place here.’ I might be suffering from Jealousy 101 and want to punch Liam in the face for bringing to the salon of the woman whose vagina he has intimate knowledge of, but I can’t deny that the salon is nice. Thanks. She smiles at me. It’s a friendly smile. So, when he called me earlier to book you in, Liam said that you want to dye your hair. What color are you looking to go? I finger my dull dark blonde hair, looking at her beautiful shiny black hair. She’s gorgeous, and then I suddenly can’t figure out why Liam is interested in having sex with me. He’s had sex with someone like her. She’s tall and beautiful and stunning. And I’m five foot three on a good day. I have a definite ass, but I’m just…mousy. Pink, I say, going with the first color on my list. Cool. She smiles. Pink, it is. Are we talking bright pink or light pink? Pastel, like candy-floss pink? That’s all the rage at the moment. That, and gray. Candy floss? Cotton candy, Liam explains. Ah. I nod. Dude talks my language. Well, I’m definitely not going gray. Candy-floss pink, I tell her. Fabulous. She smiles. Now, do you want pink highlights or full head? Full head. If I’m doing this, I’m going to do it properly. Okay, well, I’ve got you with Jamie today. He’s my best colorist. He’ll have your hair transformed in no time. He’s a genius with color. Jamie, she calls over to an Asian guy with a purple Mohawk. He smiles at me as he approaches. Jamie, this is Taylor. Taylor wants to go pastel pink, full head. Then, she asks me, Are we just coloring or cutting as well? I touch the edges of my hair, which hangs a few inches past my shoulders. I could take it up to sit on your shoulders, Jamie says. Go for a choppy bob. That would really suit you. You have a great jawline and bone structure. God, I would die for cheekbones like yours. I touch a hand to my cheekbones. I didn’t realize there was anything amazing about them. They feel pretty standard to me—you know, as far as cheekbones go. You could carry off a choppy bob, no prob. And the cut would look even more fabulous with the color you’re going for. It would really show it off. And the blue of your eyes will really stand out against the color. That sounds great. I smile. I would say yes to anything Jamie says. He just sounds so enthusiastic and like he really knows what he’s talking about. And he said I have a great jawline and bone structure, so I really like him. Okay, well, let’s get you seated, and we can get started. How long will she be? Liam asks Megan. About three hours, and then she’ll be done. Liam comes over to me. I’ve got to go back to the office, but I’ll be back to pick you up in three hours. Okay. My expression is stoic. I can’t bring myself to smile at him because I’m still annoyed that he brought me here. He gives me a confused look. Then, he cups my face in his hands and leans down, pressing a soft kiss to my lips. See you soon, he whispers. Then, he’s leaving with Megan walking him to the door, and Jamie is ushering me to my seat. That man is sex on a stick, Jamie says to me as I sit in the seat. I hope you don’t mind me saying. Not at all. He is sex on a stick. I smile at the memory of Liam being inside me just an hour ago and all the dirty things he did to me in bed. Jamie puts a gown around me and fastens it at the back of my neck. He’s not just hot either. He’s a really good guy. He helped Megan buy this place, you know. Wow. He bought her this salon.

I have this sinking feeling in my stomach. He must really like her. I can’t believe he brought me here. If they had something together and he liked her enough to buy her a salon…then he brings me here, to meet with the woman he’s currently fucking…well, it’s just poor taste. I suddenly feel bad for Megan, too. Wow. That was kind of him. Yeah. Liam is a great guy. Sadly, he’s straight though, but you already knew that. He gives me a conspiratorial wink. Have you met Cam yet? I haven’t. I have no clue who Cam is. He’s Megan’s older brother. He and Liam are best friends. Known each other since school. Now, Cam is one fine male specimen. Straight as an arrow as well. He frees my hair from the gown. How did you meet Liam? I meet his eyes in the mirror. On the flight here. So, how long have you known him? I flick a glance at the clock. Um…about…thirty-six hours. Jamie grins at me, causing a goofy smile to slide onto my lips. You are my idol, girl. He lifts his fist, fist-bumping me. Right, I’m just going to mix up your color, and then I’ll be back. Then, you can tell me what the inside of Liam’s apartment looks like ’cause I’ve always wondered. He gives me a wink, and I’m guessing apartment is code for something else. Do you want a drink? he asks, his hand on my shoulder. Coffee would be great. I smile. Three hours later, my hair is three inches shorter, and it’s pink. And I have to say, I love it. It looks really edgy and hot. Liam hasn’t returned yet, and I’m at the counter, ready to pay. Taylor’s already paid for, Megan tells the girl at the reception counter. I am? Liam paid. Didn’t he tell you? No. He didn’t. Sounds like Liam. Megan smiles softly. Speak of the devil. I turn to see Liam coming through the door. Instead of feeling happy to see him, I just feel pissed off. First, he brings me here. Then, he pays for my hair, like I’m his little woman. I don’t know which I’m madder about. Wow, look at you…gorgeous. He slips his fingers into my hair. Ignoring his compliment, I turn abruptly, forcing his hand to fall away. Thank you, I say to Megan. And would you give this to Jamie and tell him thanks? I push a twenty-pound note into her hand. Of course. Megan smiles. Moving away, I brush past Liam, leaving the salon. Hey—Liam catches my arm as I’ve just exited the salon—what’s wrong? I spin around to face him, a frown on my face. You paid for my hair. My tone is accusing. Wariness enters his eyes. I did. And why did you do that? Because I can. Because you can. I grit my teeth. I am mad about the money, but really, I’m pissier about Megan. It’s stupid, I know, but it is what it is. And his superior attitude is annoying me even more. So, he’s going to get it about the money and not about the fact that he took me to his fuck buddy’s hair salon. I can pay for my own hair, thank you very much. I’m not a fucking charity case. He frowns, his dark brows drawing together. I know you’re not a charity case. I just thought it would be a nice thing to do. Well, I don’t want your nice. I turn from him and start walking again. He stops me and stands in front of me. Refusing to look at him, I stare past him. Is there something else going on here? he asks. No. Yes. So, you’re just mad because I paid for your hair? I grind my teeth together and bring my eyes to his. Yes. I don’t like people to pay for me. I pay my own way in this world. Okay. He blows out a breath, the look in his eyes contrite. And then, suddenly, I feel like a total bitch. I’m sorry I paid for your hair without consulting you first. I wasn’t trying to be a dick. I just wanted to treat you. A welcome-to-England kind of thing. You welcomed me to England just fine last night with your tongue. That’s my lame way of trying to defuse the situation I just created. It’s a crappy attempt. But it makes him laugh, a deep chuckle rumbling in his chest. The sound eases my guilt a little. Yeah. That was definitely a good way to welcome you to my country. I smile, unable not to. I’m sorry. His voice is low, and it touches me deep inside. Liam lifts a hand to my head and wraps a lock of my new pink hair around his finger. Your hair looks really sexy. I can’t wait to see it spread out all over my pillow. He steps close, pressing his chest to mine. And, just like that, he has me. I stare up into his eyes. I think we can arrange that. He drives his fingers into my hair, gripping it, and tips my head back. I’m going to wrap your sexy pink hair around my fist and pull it hard while I fuck you from behind. I swallow down. I-I…think I can live with that. My voice trembles with a sudden need. A need for him. He brings his mouth down to mine and kisses me deeply, slowly, his tongue sweeping over mine.It’s a knee-buckling kiss. I have to grip his arms, so I don’t fall over. So, am I allowed to take you for dinner before I take you back to my place to fuck you? he murmurs against my lips. Show that pretty hair off that I got into trouble for paying for. My eyes flutter. I could eat, I say, still feeling breathless from his kiss. But I’m paying for dinner. He tips his head back. You are not paying for my dinner. He looks appalled at the idea. I let out a sigh. Okay, Caveman, how about we go dutch? How about I pay for it all, and you can just like it? How about I don’t? You wanna pull my hair while you fuck me from behind? Then, I’m buying dinner. He laughs low and deep. Fine. I won’t pull your hair. I’ll just fuck you the old-fashioned way and still buy you dinner. Ugh, I grumble. You’re impossible. I’m not impossible. He chuckles. I just know what I want. Okay, how about this? I’ll buy you dinner, and you can pay me back in sexual favors when we get back to my place. Um, you want me to hooker myself out for dinner? I glare at him. A salacious look crosses his face, his lips tipping up into a grin. I have always wanted to fuck a hooker. You ass! I slap his chest with my hand. Chuckling, he wraps his arms around me and presses his nose to mine, staring into my eyes. I’m not an ass. I’m hot. And you want me bad. That’s debatable since you just called me a hooker. I didn’t call you a hooker. He frowns. You asked me to pay for my dinner by giving you sexual favors. Ah, now, you’re just twisting my words all up. I said I’d always wanted to fuck a hooker— Not making me feel better. And I didn’t call you a hooker. Babe… He brushes his nose down the side of mine, kissing my cheek and then the corner of my mouth. How about you let me buy you dinner, and I’ll go down on you in thanks? How does that sound? You want to thank me with oral sex for you buying dinner? How does that make sense? It makes sense because I get to pay for dinner and not have you mad at me. A sexy smile slowly creeps onto his lips. You have a really weird idea about what constitutes winning, Hunter. And that’s why I’m so successful in business, Boston. Because you have no clue what winning means? No. Because people would rather be fucked by me than fucked over by me. Laughing, I shake my head. You are a strange man, Liam Hunter. And aren’t you just glad you met me? I stare up into his face. Oddly, yeah, I am. He kisses me one last time and then releases me. I follow him over to his waiting car. He opens the door, and I climb into the backseat. Liam gets in next to me. Hey, I say to Paul. Hi, Taylor. Paul smiles at me through the rearview mirror. Your hair looks great. Thank you. I smile at him. Take us to Cam’s, Liam tells Paul. I rest my head on Liam’s shoulder, a feeling of contentment around me, as Paul pulls out into the London traffic. So…Megan…she’s nice, I say, chewing on my thumbnail. We’re still in the car. London traffic is heavy, like all the time. I’m staring out the window, looking at the cars next to us. I feel Liam look at me, but I keep my eyes on the window. She is. Why do I feel like there’s something more to that statement than just Megan being nice? Well…she’s very pretty. She is pretty. I stop chewing my nail and slide my eyes to him. And…Jamie was telling me that you helped her buy the salon. His brows draw together. Jamie has a big mouth. So…did you? Buy it for her, I mean? Because that’s a massively kind thing to do for someone—buying them a business. I’m a massive guy—in all respects. He flicks a smile in the direction of his crotch. I’m too frustrated to even laugh, so I just sigh and stare out the window again. I don’t know why it bothers me so much that he bought the salon for Megan. I guess…I just think he must really care about her to have done that for her. Since I lost my family I haven’t had anyone to care about me. I know it was my choice, to keep people away, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling envious that Megan had Liam when she needed someone. For the last four years, I’ve had no one. So, what I’m feeling right now, this envy, it’s stupid. I know that. But I’m a girl, and I’m dying, so I’m allowed this moment of stupidity. Liam takes my chin in his hand and turns my face to him. I didn’t buy the salon for Megan. I loaned her the money. She paid me back once the business started making money. Oh, okay. I turn my face back to the window. He sighs. Is there something else? I lift a shoulder. Taylor. His tone is firm. I turn back to him. Well, I’m just wondering…if you’ve slept together. I just kind of got the impression that you had. And if you have in fact had sex with Megan, then taking me there, to a place owned by a woman you used to fuck—or still fuck—well…it was just really poor taste.

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